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The Grotto of Maraa (in Paea) is a cave where the French painter Paul Gauguin swam in a cold water dripping from the ceiling of the grotto.

In the water we can find some fish and eels.

On the hot days, people come there and swim as well as Paul Gauguin did it in early 1900. That took him one hour just to go all the way and came back, that’s what he wrote in his book.

Another name for this cave is “Vaipoiri” which means « the dark water ». Due to the lack of luminosity from the sun’s ray. And also called the “upside down fern cave” due to the ferns growing upside down.

You will also discover lots of beautiful plants which your tour guide will tell you all about them. And the good things about this cave is there is no such things as snakes , bats, alligators. So no worry. 

ferns grotto

Entrance Fee : it’s FREE