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Hello, my name is William, the Tour Guide. I am an American Citizen and I live in Tahiti, born in Raiatea island not far from Bora-Bora. I went to school in America (two years in Los Angeles, 6 years in Hawaii).

Graduate in Honolulu in 1967, My father came from Chicago Illinois U.S.A. and move on to Hawaii. Until he heard about the french painter Paul Gauguin and his artwork, he moved and lived in Tahiti in the 1930’s. He was a painter on black velvet. He married my mother wich is Tahitian. To know more about him, just search on google about LEETEG OF TAHITI. I learned to be a tour guide with the professionals in Honolulu. I have my own business since 1986 in Tahiti, started with one mini-bus and now 2 mini-bus. I want to share with you my beautifull island of Tahiti in explaining all about the Fauna ; the Flora ; And tell you all about the History and Geography and many interesting things. Over 30 years of experience, my tour is highly recommended by Lonely Planet, Fromers and other guide books.

I have received this document from the secretary of tourism of France to say that I received the medal of tourism dated 11th of July 2001


Sincerly William,